"Poetry in motion"


3 weeks intensive workshop

composition + performance


by Tiziana Longo / Motimaru 


23 May - 11 June 2023 



Composition is an art, the art of creating Poetry in Motion. Such art can be born from innate talent or can also be learned and cultivated with daily base training. By investigating ways to create compositions starting from daily life and shifting from the kitchen to the street, to the studio, the participants will learn to approach composition from everything: drinks, food, text, music, collage painting movement, and dance. This workshop is about transforming everything into Poetry in Motion. The course is for performing artists, future dancers, actors, choreographers, directors as well as artists of any field. At the end of the course, each participant will create and present their own creations.



Basic Body Training;

Warm up;  


Breathing Inside-out outside-in: Body Internal & External Observation;

Gross Body-Subtle Body / Physical Space-Radial Space;

Channeling Breath-Energy,

Motion-Movement Sound-Vibration;

Skin-Space Touch and Embodiment; Light;

Location & Planes;

Time Tempo & Rhythm: Analysis and deconstruction.



Investigation and Sampling collection,

Notational exercises,

Concept Theme,





Improvisation Replica and how to stay fresh and spontaneous while repeating something,





Learning how to cultivate and develop further initial stimuli

Developing a training method with daily habit,

Training, polishing the composer's vision and sensitivity

Training the skills from scratch

Learning how to collect materials,

improvise, cut and edit

How to finally create a composition art piece/solo dance

Enjoying everyday Poetry in Motion

Based in Berlin since 2010, I am a freelance performing artist, choreographer,  and teacher. Co-founder of Motimaru Dance Company together with Motoya Kondo.

After completing my Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts at the University of Bologna, I spent five years in Japan. I studied at the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, danced, and technical assisted Yoshito Ohno, son of Kazuo Ohno, the co-founder of Japanese Butoh dance.

During my time in Japan, I won a 1 seat scholarship as a foreign artist from the Japanese Ministry of Culture to conduct research about Japanese Contemporary dance involving the Hijikata Tatsumi Archive at the Art Center of Tokyo Keio University.

Later I have done fieldwork research on Eastern Dances in Japan, India, Nepal, Bali. In those travels, I experienced the cultural/artistic aspect of dance and also its primitive, social, psychological aspects.


My Spectrum of body-mind research has expanded further to the philosophy of Yoga (Hatha Yoga Teacher Training), Levine's psychology of trauma healing, and the T.R.E. (Trauma/Tension Release Exercise Method Certified Provider).

As a choreographer and dance coach, my work focuses on the movement behind the dance, the dance itself, and its possibilities for expansion. As teacherI have been leading regular classes and intensive, thematic workshops in Berlin and abroad since 2010. Over the past 15 years, she has performed internationally and worked in residencies in more than 30 cities in Europe, Australia, and Japan. I performed at the 2010 Venice Biennale in Italy - selected by and under the direction of Ismael Ivo, at "No Ballet" in Ludwigshafen 2014, at "Lucky Trimmer" International Dance Festival in Berlin 2016,  "Dance ga Mittai" Contemporary Dance Festival in Tokyo 2016, "Oulu Dance Festival in Finland 2016, etc...

About Tiziana Longo


from 10:00 to 16:00

First week: 23-27 May

Second week: 29 May-02 June

Third week: 05-11 June

performance  11 June



Brussels Collectif auQuai asbl 23 quai du Hainaut - 1080 Bruxelles Belgique


MAX 10 participants


English spoken


Price: 980€

early bird (by 1st March): 900€


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